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Here’s a super helpful list of suggestions if you’re looking to make a gift basket for a woman who’s undergoing cancer treatment like radiation or chemo. The gifts are practical and useful, divided into different sets like “The Fighting Spirit” and “The Soothing Spirit” so you can choose depending on the recipient’s personality or need.

Gifts For Chemotherapy

And here’s one of my new cards at my new Zazzle store. Isn’t it sweet? I love the background color, so vibrant, and the little bluebird is one of the cutest things I’ve drawn lately. The inside verse reads: “I heard about your cancer and wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I’m here. I want to help. Tell me what I can do.”

So if you’re putting together a gift basket for someone battling cancer, you can find more cards like this one at my Zazzle store, or in my other selection of greeting cards for cancer patients. Staying in touch is important – share the love!

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This very sweet design comes from Every Little Thing (which I admit is my own store, newly opened, to showcase certain designs of mine).

The inside verse reads: “I heard you needed a great big hug! Call me – tell me what you need. I’m there for you.”

Cancer patients need encouragement and support. Having lost some of my own loved ones to cancer (mom, dad, older brother), I’m all too aware of the need to stay connected when every day is a gift.

Greeting cards can be literal lifelines to patients feeling cut off from the rest of the world because of their illness. The cards I’m designing are colorful, cheerful and sweet, with positive, heartwarming messages. Add your own words, too – nothing’s more special than a note from someone you love.

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Some cancer patients find comfort in Scripture and prayer. These cards for cancer patients feature inspiring and encouraging Christian messages.



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Here’s some fresh information – top 10 books about breast cancer, a disease that touches many lives each year. If you’re looking for information and/or inspiration, check out these volumes, specially picked for breast cancer patients, their caregivers, family and friends.

Top 10 Books About Breast Cancer

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Sending cards to a cancer patient is a vital way of keeping in touch when your friend or family member isn’t up to visits or phone calls. Every card you send has the potential to brighten their day and make a real difference. Here are a few pretty ones with positive messages.


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Apart from the funky, fantastic and very modern design, these cards for patients battling cancer contain powerful and positive messages of support and encouragement. If you know someone with cancer, don’t send one card – send five or six or more to stay in touch and help your friend or family member ┬ánot feel alone and isolated.


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Here’s a mug that would make a fantastic gift for someone battling cancer – the message’s kick-ass attitude is great. Fill with peppermint or ginger tea bags, lemon drops, Queasy Pops or other thoughtful little helpers.

Letter To Cancer Mug from Zazzle.com_1250666228283

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This t-shirt from Cancer Karma declares: This is my cancer fighting shirt. A great gift for someone you know who’s battling cancer and could use some encouragement (as well as a chuckle). T-shirt comes in many styles, colors and sizes (men’s, women’s and children’s).

My Cancer Fighting Shirt from Zazzle.com_1250404709318

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When someone you love achieves remission from cancer, it’s a reason to celebrate. A baseball cap with the test Remission Rocks in pink makes a gift that’s not only useful, it’s pretty as well as pretty darned true!

Breast Cancer Remission Rocks Hat from Zazzle.com_1249368069646

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This t-shirt is very cute and also brings a large dose of humor – so vitally important to the healing process! “Cute Bald Chick Kickin’ Cancer’s Ass” is a design that encourages as it earns a smile.

Cute Bald Chick Kickin' Cancer's Ass T-shirt from Zazzle.com_1249281417131

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