Quite often, cancer patients find it difficult to eat meat – it tastes too strange, or the texture is off-putting – but they need a protein rich diet to stay healthy during chemo or radiation treatment. Vegetarian options may prove the answer.

Vegetarian Cooking for Chemo


Here’s a super helpful list of suggestions if you’re looking to make a gift basket for a woman who’s undergoing cancer treatment like radiation or chemo. The gifts are practical and useful, divided into different sets like “The Fighting Spirit” and “The Soothing Spirit” so you can choose depending on the recipient’s personality or need.

Gifts For Chemotherapy

And here’s one of my new cards at my new Zazzle store. Isn’t it sweet? I love the background color, so vibrant, and the little bluebird is one of the cutest things I’ve drawn lately. The inside verse reads: “I heard about your cancer and wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I’m here. I want to help. Tell me what I can do.”

So if you’re putting together a gift basket for someone battling cancer, you can find more cards like this one at my Zazzle store, or in my other selection of greeting cards for cancer patients. Staying in touch is important – share the love!

Here’s some fresh help for cancer patients, caregivers, friends, family and loved ones: Top 10 Books About Eating Well During Cancer Treatment. It can be very difficult and frustrating to maintain a nutritious diet when undergoing cancer treatment. This selection of cookbooks contains not only recipes, but vital nutritional information and suggestions to help make your life a little easier. Any one of these would make an excellent gift.

Top 10 Books About Eating Well During Cancer Treatment

Love You Owl

You know, I could smack myself. Sometimes, you create something and after it’s done, you suddenly have a brain wave. The front of the card should have said, “I love you with OWL my heart.” *forehead slap* Oh, well. I can always make a different owl on a different card. No idea is ever wasted!

In the meantime, it’s still a super sweet design from Every Little Thing. The inner verse reads: “Cancer can change your body, but not the fabulous person you are! Tell me what I can do to help…I’m waiting.”

This very sweet design comes from Every Little Thing (which I admit is my own store, newly opened, to showcase certain designs of mine).

The inside verse reads: “I heard you needed a great big hug! Call me – tell me what you need. I’m there for you.”

Cancer patients need encouragement and support. Having lost some of my own loved ones to cancer (mom, dad, older brother), I’m all too aware of the need to stay connected when every day is a gift.

Greeting cards can be literal lifelines to patients feeling cut off from the rest of the world because of their illness. The cards I’m designing are colorful, cheerful and sweet, with positive, heartwarming messages. Add your own words, too – nothing’s more special than a note from someone you love.

Some cancer patients find comfort in Scripture and prayer. These cards for cancer patients feature inspiring and encouraging Christian messages.



Here’s some fresh information – top 10 books about breast cancer, a disease that touches many lives each year. If you’re looking for information and/or inspiration, check out these volumes, specially picked for breast cancer patients, their caregivers, family and friends.

Top 10 Books About Breast Cancer

Here’s a very good article with recipes for basic, comforting dishes like Polenta and Chicken Noodle Soup you can make for a cancer patient receiving treatment like chemotherapy (or radiation). There are 2 previous articles handily linked in this one, too, so you can find even more recipes.

Cooking for Chemo III

Two new Squidoo lenses to share today:

How to Help the Sibling of a Cancer Patient
Greeting Cards for Supporters of a Cancer Patient

Both pages offer excellent tips and advice as well as special greeting cards to send to encourage someone whose friend, loved one or colleague has been diagnosed with cancer.

Greeting Cards for Children with Cancer:
Includes great tips, gift suggestions, and how you can help!

And here are some of the wonderful greeting cards you can buy:

Full selection of greeting cards for child, youth, pre-teen (tween) and teenage cancer patients here.