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Sending cards to a cancer patient is a vital way of keeping in touch when your friend or family member isn’t up to visits or phone calls. Every card you send has the potential to brighten their day and make a real difference. Here are a few pretty ones with positive messages.



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Apart from the funky, fantastic and very modern design, these cards for patients battling cancer contain powerful and positive messages of support and encouragement. If you know someone with cancer, don’t send one card – send five or six or more to stay in touch and help your friend or family member  not feel alone and isolated.


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Contemporary vivid design + heartwarming and positive messages of encouragement and support = these greeting cards by Corrie Kuipers. Made especially for pre-teens (tweens) and teenagers undergoing cancer treatment, any one of these cards would make someone’s day brighter. Don’t forget staying in touch with a cancer patient is essential – parents or teachers can encourage classmates, friends and family to send greeting cards often to stay in touch (particularly when the child is too tired or sick from treatments to entertain visitors, or doesn’t have the energy to talk on the phone).

I’m showcasing three of the cards here… more tomorrow! Clicking on the image will take you to a larger version of the card at Greeting Card Universe, allow you to read the inside message, and give you a chance to purchase.

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Most cancer patients appreciate humor, and this funny card will surely give a much-needed laugh to a woman you know well who has had hair loss due to chemotherapy. The inner verse reads in part: at least yours will grow back! The rest of the message is supportive and positive. There are variations for unmarried women – boyfriend and brother – so you have no excuse not to give a patient a big smile.

less hair than your husband Greeting Cards_1250494924414

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It’s difficult to make out the words on this poster, but I assure you the message is positive and inspiring – cancer may change living, but you choose your own life. The watercolor artwork is contemporary and very pretty. Created by DonnaBellas Angels

“DonnaBellas Angels is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing inspirational art with healing images to medical clinics, patients, and caregivers. Our aim is to help provide emotional healing to patients and their caregivers who are receiving treatment for chronic or terminal illnesses. Sales from these products will help us with providing art. More information is available at http://www.donnabellasangels.org”

Beauty in Life Poster from Zazzle.com_1249975696201

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Because we do. A beautiful, positive expression of support in this card – and you can add your own encouraging message on the inside. For family, friends or co-workers to send to a patient fighting cancer.

© Love Yourself Greatly Card from Zazzle.com_1249889330582

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Very beautiful message reads in part: “May the breeze blow new strength into your being” – encouraging words for a cancer patient to receive from someone who cares. Add your own supportive message to the inside.

Apache Blessing Greeting Card from Zazzle.com_1249808513969

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